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Omarion's "Distance" Brought Tears to my Eyes

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post of 2019. If you do not already know me, I am Renaissance Marie Austin, singer/songwriter, designer, and writer.

Music is one of the most important entities in my life. This month, although this song is not brand new, I discovered Omarion's "Distance" on youtube. My first viewing of this music video brought me to tears. It was the combination of me previously dating a nice Nigerian guy who gave me insight into his culture while growing a true connection and love for the African culture as a whole. 

In this video Omarion is on location in South Africa. He features the glory of the South African Zulu tribe beautifully! Through his dance moves he shows that he is STILL one of the best dancers in the music game. Wonderful and passionate feelings emanate from this video, from how sexy and skillful he dances and the beauty of the Zulu women and elders, to the tribal dances and story the video tells. 

These days "Distance" is on repeat.