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Renaissance Marie Austin "My Story"

            My name is Renaissance Marie Austin and I have finally built up the courage to tell my story. But first, let me lay the groundwo...

Listen to this Podcast Before you Vote! "Let's Talk About It" with Special Guest Renaissance Marie Austin Pt. 3


Hello everyone! It is just a few days before November 3rd and we are facing the most important election ever in 100 years. I have been a democrat my entire life until just three weeks ago! Boy do I feel joyous and free! In this podcast, Let's Talk About It, hosted by my beautiful niece, Dejonia Johnson and my sister, Lisa Gales, my niece and I are simply two political novices just like you discussing how we came to understand the importance of our vote going to Donald Trump. We discuss two very different Americas and the victories OR consequences that will come about if you vote for the wrong person. BE INFORMED! You will be with this four part series dialog.  Listen now! Love you!

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