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Renaissance Marie Austin "My Story"

            My name is Renaissance Marie Austin and I have finally built up the courage to tell my story. But first, let me lay the groundwo...

It Feels Good to Get Art Out of my Head and into Reality! Check out my Fashion Film!

There is nothing more exciting than me introducing my newest fashion film "The Maker and The Model"!

On the day my team and I shot this film the storyline took on an energy of its own. Anyone who directs or produces films know that while you visualize the skeletal parts through storyboarding, the substance begins to form in the middle of the filming process. Sometimes ideas come right in the middle of a scene and props are used in a way you did not initially intend. By the time you are reviewing clips and preparing for editing, it all comes together.

Through my original poem "My Hands" written many years ago, I wanted to express how amazing it is that a string can become so many things. Aside from the literal idea of crocheting and knitting I also wanted to bounce off of the idea of creating in general and how it is even more important now because of the climate we live in. I believe many of us have learned that while life, jobs, and money can be taken away, nothing and no one can take away your essence, vision, and the things created through you hands. Whatever is within you that can become a reality can never be taken by anyone.

Overall, I pray that when you watch the video for yourself that it speak to you specifically in your own way, that the message hits you right where it needs to. Keep on living, keep on creating!

A huge thank you to cast and crew! I am so proud to have you!

"The Maker and the Model" produced/directed/edited by Renaissance Marie Austin Starring: Renaissance Marie Austin - Maker https://vero.co/renaissanceaustin IG: @raghouse_international Desiree Alexis Corvina Beavers - Model IG: @TheOriginalMamaDessy Raymond Eugene Wright ll - Photography/Videographer IG: @a_ray_of_entertainment John Pena - Music Supervisor/Composer Music "City in the Sky" Original Song (Pena Productions) Words "My Hands" Original Poem (Written by Renaissance Marie Austin) https://soundcloud.com/johnny-pena-1990