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Renaissance Marie Austin "My Story"

            My name is Renaissance Marie Austin and I have finally built up the courage to tell my story. But first, let me lay the groundwo...

Renaissance Marie Austin | A New Job Offer and a New Me | Life Transitions and What Doja Cat Said

You should know that I was THAT girl who believed I could never be gutsy enough to cut my hair all off. For those of you who are used to wearing short hair all the time, this is perhaps a style preference. 

For me, it is not and it is no secret I started the year with a strong intent to heal from all of my trauma. I have been doing well, working hard to stay focused and the blessings have been more than I could have imagined! That includes the new job offer I accepted which puts me in a transitional state again. 

Part of that transition is the lesson I learned just a couple of days ago when the high stress points of my head went haywire. I have always had issues with thinning and thickening at times, depending on my stress levels, which I try hard to balance due to a chemical imbalance. My gut urged me to just chop it all off and to my surprise I was ready, willing, and excited about this! 

My brother was not, and suggested I try to restore my hair but there was no saving it. The water out in the desert literally ruined my hair making it crunchy and dry. Much of it had snapped unevenly. I had already cut 3 inches off in June but still. 

Finally he got his clippers and began shaving, and what a feeling of freedom. With each pass the stress left me more and more. Then I chuckled and said I look like Nia Long. She's always been my girl crush. Lol. By the end I was looking at a person I never thought I would see and I felt amazing.

My most recent lesson during this transition is this: Life and death cannot dwell and function successfully together. My living body stressed out and yelled at me to pull the plug on hair that was on its death bed. I released to began renewal and restoration!  This is not just about hair though, right? I let go of the last 2 years, the desert and its bad water and dry wind. I closed a final chapter to make room for the start of a new one. For change, growth and preparation for what's to come. 

For me, the head chakra is the most important. Life and health should dwell there both physically and mentally.

After cutting my hair, I ran across a You Tube short of Doja Cat talking about why she shaved her hair off. What she said about the gym, the braids, the wig cap, the wig, the beanie, all of these efforts just to look nice while working out hit home. We as women, do so much sometimes to stay on point, while men do not have to do so much in regards to their hair. I sense that as the world continues to change and constructs are broken, more of us will continue to become free and empowered. I feel amazing and like a queen.

Love, Ren