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Renaissance Marie Austin "My Story"

            My name is Renaissance Marie Austin and I have finally built up the courage to tell my story. But first, let me lay the groundwo...

My Fashion Company


Raghouse International was born in the year 2000 on the El Camino College campus when Renaissance Marie Austin, designer and founder, saw a cute crochet head tie being sold by a vendor. From there she picked up her crochet hooks, started projects again, and the rest is history. She started out selling at church festivals, community events as well as farmers markets and crafts fairs. When she opened her doors to the online community in 2006 Raghouse International blossomed receiving over 30 blog features in its first year, including OC Weekly. She started on Etsy where within seconds of setting up her paypal account her first sale came through. In the 2010-11 Spring season Raghouse International landed its crochet head band collection in four Nordstrom across the country. Renaissance then added crochet instruction as a business service making sure her love for the skill could to be passed down to others. Los Angeles Yarn Crawl 2014 was the first time she demonstrated live crochet on a real model and fell in love with the idea of educating people on how fibers can be used differently to create textures and pieces outside the normal patterned project. From there very unique one of a kind pieces have been created. Raghouse International is now celebrating 20 years in 2020. 

The Company
Raghouse International is a texture innovation brand that focuses on crochet and knitwear for men, women, and home. Our journey is a never ending song about love, courtship, and matchmaking something uniquely made to a unique customer. In 2017 lead and nickel free accessory line was introduced.
We are a global brand whose mission is to provide distinctive, artful, and wearable creations for unconventional and artistic people worldwide. We're redefining the image of crochet by providing soft, sexy, and sustainable luxurious fibers and by taking great care in the design and communication process.
Raghouse International continues to broaden consumer mindsets about crochet by steering away from traditional fiber fashions. We want our buyers to know that when they put on Raghouse International they put on a lifestyle that will make them feel confident, bold, and star-like! Through original and tested design, we create well-made quality products never before seen.